my first science blog

hi little earthlings.  I’m dino trainer 989 and Im giong to be talking adout light. The first tipe of lite the Im going 2 be talking adout is natural vs artificial. Natural light is when light is not made by humans that means something like the sun is a natural source of  light. Artifical light is human made light like a light buld thats a artifical sourc. Next I’m giong to be talking about luminus and non-luminus objects. A lumanus object something that makes its own light for a example a the stars are luminus objects. Non-luminus odjects are things that do not make light for an example a table with no light in it or on it thats a non-luminus odject.

people on top of hill under white clouds golden hour photography

refraction and  reflection. Refraction is how light travels when it goes through two or more objects qithout getting odsorded or getting reflected an example is a pencil in water. Reflectionn is when light bounces off an odject and the light hits something like mirror and projects the image to our eyes.  what is opaque, transparent and translucent. Opaque is an object that you can not see through for an example a brick wall. Tranclucent is when semething can be barly seen through like a foged up wndow. Transparent is when something that you can see great through.

thank you for reading hope you liked it.

My first Recount.

First let me tell you about my trip to Winnipeg. It took us 3 days to drive from my house in Ottawa to Winnipeg. I went with my whole family, brother, sister, mum and dad! It was a full car! We slept in the best hotel ever the way it made it the best hotel sleep ever is because my mom and dad slept in a different room. One of the hotels I’ve went to was better but that as somewhere else. When I finally got to Winnipeg, I had a headache from watching TV in the car the whole time. Luckily it went away quickly.

Next we went to my Safta’s house where I saw her cute dog named Zevey. I had a great time playing with him too. 

Then, we went to my favourite children’s Museum in the world! The thing that I like about the museum is the digger that actually digs up rubble.

In Winnipeg we went to my Safta’s cottage and the most relaxing room is an all season room that is supported by two trees. It looks like it’s floating!

Finally we went to a very big store with a bunch of toys, Lego and building toys. I got a solar robot and it had 11 different builds I think in one package! I like it but the sad part is there is never enough sun for it to work. I ended up putting it in my room for a decoration when I got home.


Thank you for reading.